Financial Freedom for everyone

What would you do, if you suddenly had unconditional basic income?
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Three months, 1 million coins weekly. Click here to read more about our project. 

Simple. Powerful. Reliable. Total Supply

5% Transaction Fee

4% of every transaction flows into the UBI Prize pot, while 1% gets distributed to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool to ensure  less volatility.


3% of the total supply is for the devs and 3%  goes to the marketing wallet.
With your help we aim to bring universal basic income to as many poeple as possible.


Everyone should be able to participate equally, and have the same chance and possibilities to win the prize pot!

How does it work?

UBI is a set amount of money over a time period.
Our current prize pool contains 10.000 $UBIFIN every week for three months.

1. Project Launch & Marketing

2. Prize pools get bigger trough Tx fees and donations

3. Every week someone wins a set of UBI

4. Project scales with itself

5. Repeat this process and show what's possible

X. A Future with UBI for everyone



What is UBI?

UBI stands for unconditional basic income. It means that everyone gets the same amount of income without any conditions. There are a lot of Studies which predict that societies would have less criminal activity and also that people are happier in general.
If you want to learn more about UBI, check out our info-site!

How does the donation pool work?

If you want to have a bigger chance to win the UBI, you can also take part in our donation raffle, by simply donating $UBIFIN with a min. value of 1$ to our donation address:

How does the Tx fee pool work?

In order to participate in the standard drawing, all you need to do is to hold UBIFIN in your wallet and you will be part of the raffle.

How can I invest?

In order to buy $UBIFIN use our contract code on PancakeSwap or Bogged.Finance


Can I become a part of the UBI Team?

Yes. As we're still a very early project you can always send us an email at

What makes this project better than the usual lottery tokens?

We're aiming to prepare the society for unconditional basic incomes. As we're seeing a digital revolution where less people are needed everyday, UBI will be the option of choice.

We're looking forward to inform the society and are also planning on "Pilot-Projects" so we can research about how the society behaves with UBI.

How does this project scale with itself?

With more interest in this project and interest in unconditional basic income generally, the price rises. With a rising price, the UBI-pools will have a higher value which leads to more opportunities for every single winner.

How do you stay in touch with the winners?

We don't just want to be a lottery token. Every UBI-winner does have the chance to share their story on our page, so we can all see how UBI really impacts peoples lives.

What are your plans for the future?

See our Roadmap and Litepaper for our future plans and detailed plan for 2021

The benefits for holders

Chance in every draw

Holders get rewarded by having a chance to win UBI with every draw, with the prize pool value getting larger over time

Fast Growing

We are looking forward to provide UBI to many different people, and be able to impact the society sensitize people for this concept.

Ready to Get Started?

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